Circa Survive and Coheed & Cambria, Kuala Lumpur 2013 (Photos)

On the 24th of April 2013 I got to see a band I regard as both among my very most favourites and easily most personally and musically influential band that I’ve come across in my lifetime. 9 years of dreaming of being able to watch them play live couldn’t have made me more nervous when I actually got to meet Anthony Green and Steve Clifford :D. It was just surreal to me at that point, Anthony gave me the most satisfying hug I’ve had in quite awhile too hahah. Coheed & Cambria were there too and they were okay, glad they played some of the stuff I liked from them. Oh, I shook @wizardface420′s hand after the show was over :D

All I want to do now is see Circa Survive again and meet Colin, Brendan and Nick. Enjoy the pictures I took with my Nexus 4 at 800-1600 ISO, edited in Lightroom for B&W and minor colour corrections.

Kit Fysto release teaser for Cynical Youth EP, plus love from @mattg00d

Kit Fysto is a dubstep group formed by Matt Good (former guitarist in D.R.U.G.S. and From First To Last) and his friend AJ Calderon. Notably, Skrillex (Sonny Moore) is also ex-From First to Last.

I’m super stoked for this EP now after this trailer! I’m not really that big into dubstep but I’ve never usually had a reason to. Matt Good and AJ Calderon just have this really fresh sounding version of it and I’ve been following their progress on it since Matt started tweeting about it and releasing bits.

I’ll still want a From First to Last follow up to the excellent Throne to the Wolves but Kit Fysto is more than good enough for me. Here’s some twitter love from @mattg00d

kitfystoteaserEPFollow them,,,

Ferrari 458: Wheel gap that makes Heidi Klum wish she was younger

Chris Harris just posted his F458 Spider “drive like an idiot” review on the Drive channel and brought up one point that I felt I must chime in on. Word is also that it’s actually Jeremy Clarkson’s car.

The absolute worst thing about the F458 that I can’t believe doesn’t get brought up on is how hideously large the wheel gaps are to the arch on the standard F458.


Gaps like that make econo-sedan’s envious and Heidi Klum wishing she was younger.


Ruptures – DECA Official Video


Ruptures (@rvptvres)  released their latest official video directed by Celeste Byers on Vimeo and I somehow missed it but since they’re just tweeted it again, here it is! It’s fairly wonderfully low-cost and trippy, perfect in other words.

You can find Ruptures on: Bandcamp (Free downloads still available!)

I found out about Ruptures via my love affair with State Faults (@statefaults) after they had tweeted about them releasing their new album DECA on bandcamp to download for free. I fell in love with them on the first listen. There’s just so much energy, anger, catharsis and passion in their music, it was just really difficult to not just instantly love them. I think you owe it to yourself if you enjoy Punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, whatever else the kids assign genre labels to, to have a listen to them.

One of many bands I wish I could watch in person, and one of few I think deserves to be much bigger than they are right now.

Also check out the live practice video Raz’s father sent me somewhere last year. Much thanks to them again for sending me stuff :).


Allison Weiss – “Making it up”

Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss

I’ve basically fallen in love with No Sleep Records since also falling in love with Touche Amore coming on 2 years ago now. I’ve since come to discover a lot of great new music and some bands/artists that I had loved surprisingly signing onto them in the past year or so.

They just posted Now, Now’s Allison Weiss’s Making It Up on Youtube and I think I’m in love again.

Looks like I’m adding this 7″ to the list of my next order. Bummer about Int’l shipping costing more now though.

Buy the album


I spent much of my younger years writing entry upon entry into self made websites put together late into the night between days at school. I also had a WordPress blog for maybe a year or two my first time through (and dropping out of) University. I may even have the backup file for it somewhere still.

My life hasn’t changed very much since, I merely no longer write as I used to. I’ve grown older and while parts of me have died, there’s a few bits that still burn bright. I haven’t written for myself for years and I think it’s time I start doing this again.

I believe it is time I broke the cycle.

Fuck, I hear Staind in my head now Xenu fucking damn it.

So let me re-introduce myself to.. most likely just myself of 10 years from now and the brave/poor souls who ventured too far off their walled garden.

My name is Moe. I, now, write about music, tech, motor sports, life and anything else I decide that’s awesome. I am still trying to restart my life again.